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Trade mark basics

  • 1. Understand the type of trade mark you need

    Learn about the different types of trade marks
  • 2. Decide which goods and services you want to protect

    See which goods and services apply to your trade mark
  • 3. Check the availability of your trade mark

    Find out if the trade mark you want to use is available
  • 4. Choose an owner for your trade mark

    See eligibility criteria

Apply for a trade mark

  • 5. Consider the application timeframe

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  • 6. Consider the costs

    See the fees associated with trade marks
  • 7. Choose your application type

    Find out which application type is right for you
  • 8. Collect the information you need to apply

  • 9. Register for online services to get started

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  • 10. Complete and submit your application


Next Steps

Once you have submitted your trade mark application, it takes three to four months to examine.


Possible Outcomes

Notice of Acceptance
If you receive a Notice of Acceptance:

  • Learn about the advertising and opposition period of your accepted trade mark
  • Pay the registration fee through online services

Adverse Examination Report
If you receive an Adverse Examination Report:

  • Learn about the time available to address issues with your application
  • Consider the options available in responding to the report