Getting Started

The IP Toolkit for Collaboration (IP Toolkit) is designed to facilitate, simplify and improve collaboration between researchers and industry.

The IP Toolkit contains information, guides and tools to help researchers and businesses use and manage intellectual property (IP) in collaborations.

Purpose and scope

The IP Toolkit assists businesses, researchers and research organisations with their collaborations. It is designed to simplify and improve the use and management of what is often one of the most valuable outputs of collaboration.

The IP Toolkit is only intended as a guide and is not legal advice: you should seek your own legal advice as required. When collaborating, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to IP and each collaborative project is different.

Who is the IP Toolkit for?

The IP Toolkit is primarily designed for businesses, in particular small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and publicly funded research organisations (and individual researchers) intending to undertake collaborative ventures. Government agencies may also elect to use the IP Toolkit model contracts if it is appropriate for their purposes.

Importantly, the tools and model contracts can be used as a neutral starting point on the use and management of IP during collaboration projects.