Last updated: 
4 April 2016

B2B uses an XML schema consistent with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) standards, customised to interact efficiently with our business systems and processes. Download the XML schema and samples.

IP Australia provides an interface that allows you to submit IP transaction requests in XML format.

We provide:

  • XML schema that allows you to build requests compatible with WIPO standards
  • XML samples that show the structure of the most common IP transactions
  • spreadsheet

    spreadsheet File in File format [368.76 KB]
     that shows the XML structure for each service request supported by IP Australia's B2B channel.
  • The 

    B2B Operations Guide

    B2B Operations Guide PDF in PDF format [461.31 KB]
     explains how B2B works and provides guidance on using the XML schema and sample files to set up and run your B2B system.

    Note that the sample XML examples are provided on an "as is" basis. No support is provided for these items.