Electronic trade mark correspondence

The release of electronic trade mark correspondence follows on from the successful release of electronic patents correspondence in 2014.

Commencing late August 2015, we will be releasing electronic trade mark correspondence over a number of weeks. Each week different types of correspondence notices will become available.

On Thursday 17 September the following item of correspondence will be made available electronically:

EOTIME-1004 TMD-0004 Notification of Extension of Time for Acceptance
WTHDR-1006 TMD-0006 Confirmation of Withdrawal of Application
AMEND-1007 TMD-0007 Notification of Amendment of Application
EOTIME-1014 TMD-0014 Notification of Extension of Time for Registration
AMEND-1016 TMD-0016 Confirmation of Change of Address for Service
ACPT-1017 TMD-0017 Notice of Revocation of Acceptance
REG-1023 TMD-0023 Notification of Linked Registrations
ASSGN-1024 TMD-0024 Assignment of Trade Mark Application to Subsequent Owner
AMEND-1025 TMD-0025 Notification of Record of a Claim to Interests of a Trade Mark Application
AMEND-1026 TMD-0026 Notification of Amendment of a Claim to Interests of a Trade Mark Application
AMEND-1027 TMD-0027 Cancellation of a Claim to Interests of a Trade Mark Application
EOTIME-1028 TMD-0028 Notification of Extension of Time
NEW-1033 TMD-0033 Notification of Linked Applications
ACPT-1034 TMD-0034 Reminder of Time Limit for Acceptance
AMEND-1036 TMD-0036 Notification of Change of Address for Service
AMEND-1040 TMD-0040 Amendment to Owner's Name
AMEND-1041 TMD-0041 Amendment to Owner's Address
AMEND-1042 TMD-0042 Amendment to Owner's Name and Address
AMEND-1043 TMD-0043 Change of Owner's Name
AMEND-1044 TMD-0044 Change of Owner's Address
AMEND-1045 TMD-0045 Change of Owner's Name and Address
AMEND-1046 TMD-0046 Amendment to ACN or ARBN
ASSIGN-1047 TMD-0047 Assignment of Trade Mark and Change of Address for Service
RENEW-1107 TMD-0107 Registered Trade Mark Renewal Notice
RENEW-1108 TMD-0108 Notice of Renewal of Registration
AMEND-1110 TMD-0110 Notification of Record of Claim to Interests of a Trade Mark Registration
RENEW-1112 TMD-0112 Notice of Renewal - Final Reminder - Renewal Fee Due
AMEND-1113 TMD-0113 Notification of Amendment of a Claim to Interest of a Trade Mark Registration
ASSGN-1114 TMD-0114 Assignment of Registration to Subsequent Owner
AMEND-1118 TMD-0118 Amendment of Registration
CANCEL-1119 TMD-0119 Cancellation of Registration
CANCEL-1120 TMD-0120 Cancellation of a Claim to Interest of a Trade Mark Registration
EOTIME-1122 TMD-0122 Notification of Extension of Time
AMEND-1124 TMD-0124 Confirmation of Change of Address for Service
ASSGN-1301 TMD-0301 Application to Record Assignment of Trade Mark
CANCEL-1302 TMD-0302 Request for Cancellation of Registration
CANCEL-1303 TMD-0303 Request to Cancel a Claim to Interests
MADRID-1507 TMD-0507 Notification of Partial Transformation
MADRID-1508 TMD-0508 Notification of Full Transformation
AMEND-1516 TMD-0516 Madrid Confirmation of Removal of Agent Details
AMEND-1651 TMD-0651 Notice of Amendment Advertised Under Section 65A

The following items of trade mark correspondence have now been successfully released electronically:

EXAMREP-0801 TMD-0801 First Examination Report
EXAMREP-0802 TMD-0802 Further Examination Report
EXAMREP-0810 TMD-0810 Notification of Acceptance of Later Trade Mark
AMEND-0811 TMD-0811 Ad Hoc Examination Response
REJECT-0815 TMD-0815 Notice of Intention to Reject
REJECT-0816 TMD-0816 Notice of Rejection
REJECT-0817 TMD-0817 Acknowledgement of Further Submissions Regarding Rejection
EXAMREP-0818 TMD-0818 TM Headstart Results Report
REVOC-0819 TMD-0819 Notification of Revocation of Acceptance
REVOC-0820 TMD-0820 Notification of Revocation of Acceptance
EXAMREP-0821 TMD-0821 IRDA Irregularity Letter
OPP-0865 TMD-0865 Opposition Correspondence Admin
ACPT-1010 TMD-0010 Notice of Acceptance
ACPT-1011 TMD-0011 Early Notice of Acceptance
ACPT-1013 TMD-0013 Notice of Acceptance – Final Reminder – Registration Fee Due
NEW-1001 TMD-0001 Notice of Filing
EXAM-1002 TMD-0002 Notification of Expedition Of Examination
DEFER-1005 TMD-0005 Notification of Deferment of Acceptance
DEFER-1021 TMD-0021 Notification of Termination of Deferment
DEFER-1022 TMD-0022 Amendment to Deferment of Acceptance

Intellectual property (IP) professionals with both an active online services account and an IP Australia attorney code will be able to access and download a number of trade mark notices from IP Australia in PDF format.

All users of our online services not represented by an IP professional with an IP Australia attorney code will receive correspondence electronically, but only for new trade mark applications submitted using our online services from 16 March 2015 onwards. We are currently in the process of merging trade mark applications lodged via our online services prior to 16 March 2015 to allow electronic correspondence to be enabled for older trade mark applications.

Online services correspondence overview

When correspondence is available to view, an email will be sent to your registered email address. You will receive one notification email for any new correspondence that is delivered on that day to your email address.

To access the correspondence item, follow the link within the email to log in to our online services or simply log in through the IP Australia website. Correspondence can be accessed through the ‘eServices Correspondence’ link in the My Portfolio section of your online services homepage.

Correspondence will be viewable within online services and we strongly advise you to download and save a copy of the correspondence for your own records. Our online services correspondence facility will display the electronic trade mark notice for six months or until a 2500 item limit has been reached (whichever happens earlier).

Detailed information is available in the correspondence user guide.

Developing an online services correspondence capability for the remaining IP right types is on our roadmap and we will keep you informed when further functionality will become available.

Last updated: 
16 March 2016