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This report explores whether there is any evidence indicating trade mark cluttering in Australia and assesses how significantly it has been affecting the register.
26 June 2019

The Customer Service Charter Quarterly Report is an overview of IP Australia’s performance against the Customer Service Charter.

13 May 2019

Welcome to the 2019 IP Report. This report is also available in PDF Format.

26 April 2019
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This patent analytics report, prepared for the Australian Computer Society, analyses blockchain innovation and the potential for Australia to benefit from this technology. This report found that blockchain is a small but rapidly growing technology – with 140-230 per cent increases in patent filings every year since 2013.
13 December 2018

This report explores the patent landscape of innovation relating to electrode positioning for detecting or recording brainwaves. This analysis demonstrates ongoing commercial interest in this area, with strong growth and potential. Recording and analysis of brainwaves is used for medical diagnosis and for therapy of neurodegenerative disease.

16 October 2018
IP Report 2018

Welcome to the 2018 IP Report, please view the online version or view the IP Report in PDF format.

18 April 2018

This report provides an analysis of technology relating to algae through the lens of intellectual property (IP). It uses the scale and intensity of patent activity to provide an overview of innovation in the area.

23 October 2017