AusPat is IP Australia’s comprehensive search system for information on Australian patents.

AusPat has three search interfaces. This video provides an overview on how to conduct searches using the structured interface.

The Structured Search interface searches across all the available fields in AusPat and allows combining multiple fields for more complex search queries.

Start by selecting a search field from the drop-down menu, for example 'Invention title', and enter a word. For example 'burner'.

To add an additional field click 'Add search term'.

The new field can be added to the original search term by selecting 'AND', it can be an alternative to the original search term by selecting 'OR' or it can be ruled out by selecting 'NOT'.

Select the additional search field.

Remember, if the field says 'full text only', tick the ‘Include Full Text Search’ box.

Type the additional search term, for example 'gas', and click search.

The Search Results page displays basic information for each application retrieved from the search.

To customise the display click on the 'Customise columns/data'.

Drag and drop labels from the unused box into the current box or vice versa and click ‘save changes’.

There are also options to search within a current set of results, refine queries, or start a new search.

Search Within Results returns to the search interface of the original search, allowing the addition of more terms and fields in order to narrow the results.

Refine Your Query also returns to the original search interface, allowing the addition, removal or modification of existing terms and changes to the linking operators.

To access application details from the search results page, click on the underlined application number.

Application details including bibliographic data and publication history are accessible through this page.

To view specific details click on the individual links or, to view all details at once, click on the 'Expand all' link.

To download the entire specifications go to 'Specification/e-Register'.

eDossier provides access to open to public inspection documents relating to prosecution of patent applications dating back to 2006.

To open or download a document from eDossier, either click on the document title, or tick the box at the end of the document row and click 'Retrieve Documents'.

For more information on AusPat searches refer to the User Guide under Learning.

To provide feedback use the feedback link or contact IP Australia at or on 1300 651 010.

Last updated: 
Monday, May 30, 2016