This transcript is for the video Dream Shield - Community Service Announcement.

[Image appears of Alison Page, IP Spokesperson]

Alison Page:  One of the challenges of running your business, is knowing how to stand out from the competition. But what's stopping someone from stealing your brand?

[Image changes to show Paul Newman walking in a business district]

[Image changes to show Paul Newman inside an office]

[Image changes to show Alex Noble talking with Paul Newman and then camera zooms in on Alex Noble]

[Image changes to show Black Pages web page] 

Paul Newman: Registering the Black Pages Trade Mark does a lot for the Black Pages business. It gives us some pride, it tells a story to have some protection around our brand made good business sense, be able to protect our brand.

[Image changes back to show Alison Page]

Alison Page:  So don't risk it, protect your hard work by registering your Trade Mark.

[Coat of Arms appears on screen with text: Australian Government IP Australia, 1300 65 10 10]

For more information contact IP Australia on: 1300 65 10 10

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016