This transcript is for the video eServices - Overview.

[Coat of Arms appears on screen with text: Australian Government IP Australia]

[Music plays and text appears: eServices Overview]

[Image changes to show the eServices homepage with four sections appearing under separate headings, as discussed below by narrator]

Narrator: The eServices homepage contains four sections My Portfolio, My Payments, My eServices and My Details.

[Camera zooms in on the My Portfolio heading on the eServices website]

My Portfolio allows you to review your transaction history with eServices for the last six months. Though it's important to note the My Portfolio does not display all the IP rights you own.

[Camera zooms in on the My Payments heading on the eServices website]

My Payments is where payments can be made for your IP rights, including renewals, trade mark registrations, TM Headstart fees and general payments, such as Invoices, Invitations to Pay and Underpayments]

[Camera zooms in on the My eServices heading on the eServices website]

My eServices allows users to complete service requests and transactions for all your IP needs including general eServices requests. General eServices requests can be found after selecting the appropriate IP group from Patents, Trade Marks, Designs or Plant Breeder's Rights.

[Camera zooms in on the My Details heading on the eServices website]

Finally, My Details is where users can view and change their customer account details. For more specific information on the key features of eServices, click on the individual videos for My Details,

My eServices and My Payments.

[Four circles appear on screen with letters in them and text below the circles reads:]

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016