This transcript is for the video ‘How did Australia go in the 2015 Global Innovation Index?’.

Ben Mitra Kahn, Chief Economist at IP Australia

In the 2015 Global Innovation Index Australia did really well. Again, we’re ranked 17th and that’s the same as last year. The margin of error puts us somewhere between 12th and 18th in the world and that’s explained by us being in the top ten for innovative inputs.

Again, infrastructure is a big strength for Australian economy and other creative inputs is where Australia comes out at the top. But we’re somewhat weaker on innovative outputs and that’s the same story from last year, part of which is explained by a lot of the numbers are weighted by the structure of the economy.

One of the exciting things in the Global Innovation Index this year is that Australia has outranked countries like the US, Finland and Germany in areas such as ICT and creative content being produced online. That’s an exciting development and also shows that digital Australia is moving forward and will be innovative in that space.

An interesting development in the Global Innovation Index this year is the measurement of the quality of innovation. Here in Australia is number 11 in the world, a very high ranking and that really reflects the quality of our education institutions and inventions that are being patented abroad, as well as research being cited and that’s a huge achievement for the country in terms of quality of innovation and inventions.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2016