Last updated: 
1 May 2018

This is the transcript for the video: Brand protection moves MOVUS into a class of its own.

Brad Parsons, CEO/Founder

The word MOVUS actually comes from the word MOving and indUStry and the goal is obviously to disrupt industry.

I started the business in January 15, so I've just gone three years. We see the brand is really a most valuable asset in the business, obviously our people important, but the brand is what lives on.

Our sole device here is called the Fit Machine, comes from the Fitbit for industrial machines. That's the goal of the device is to really pick up the health and condition and utilisation of machinery, designed to tell you when the machines going to fail, before it does.

At the moment they Fit Machines are installed in well over a dozen industries. We've got it across the country got it installed in to New Zealand and this week we installed into, New Caledonia of Nemea.

There's a couple of elements to the brand the MOVUS name, our logo, and there's a couple of components. There's obviously the Fit Machine itself and the Machine Cloud, which is the system where we store our data and where the customers can access that data.

I decided to trade mark the brand really early on, pretty much since starting the business. So we've trade marked both the Fit Machine and the MOVUS brand. We want to make sure that we can take that worldwide because we're a globally expanding business, so looking at the US the UK, Europe and really Asia as well.

Registering the trade marks was actually quite a simple process and when you look at the Trade Mark Assist process, overall is pretty easy to engage with and pretty easy to consume as a business owner. There's probably one key element I'd really focus on and that's really around those classes and trying to understand what class you're registering and whether it's goods or services, that's probably the key thing, but overall it's a great experience. You know I'd really encourage other business owners to get in there and register brand.

So we're going through the process of looking at expansion, US is the first cab off the rank then we're looking at Europe and Southeast Asia, but even now we're already exporting in New Zealand and Noumea, this week we'll be in the UK, so really the trade mark and the IP protection is really key in trying to understand which markets you're going into and making sure you've got a strategy that supports that in terms of your brand and brand protection.