Last updated: 
2 May 2019

This is the transcript for the video: Improving our interactions with you

Damian Giuffre, IP Australia

To ensure Australians benefit from great ideas we're working on transforming the way we service our customers. That means replacing our transactional platforms with simple and modern solutions.

Currently over 99% of our customers do business with us electronically. We've delivered some fantastic digital products, but we've been talking to customers and it's clear that we can build on this and better meet customer expectations into the future.

This is why we're committed to building new solutions which are simpler, faster and designed around customer needs. These new solutions will be more reliable more available and more adaptable to changing needs. Each will be specifically built for the customers they serve, whether they're large IP firms or individuals doing it for themselves.

So what we want from you? We're at the beginning of this journey and by helping us understand your requirements you'll help us build solutions which meet your needs and makes it easier to do business with us.

We're establishing several reference communities for IP professionals and the IT industry to join us and share their experiences and needs. If you're interested in being involved in a reference community, you'll find more information about the transactional digital services program on our website.