Last updated: 
1 May 2018

This is the transcript for the trade mark case study video InStitchu suits up with brand protection.

Robin McGowan, Co-Founder of InStitchu

Institchu offers custom tailored menswear, including suits and shirts both online and through our network of showrooms.

We’re quite unique with what we do, we were kind of the first players in the space to offer custom tailored suiting online, actually allowing customers to design, measure and create something that was unique to them. We don’t carry any stock and we don’t carry any standard sizing, everything is made to order.

In terms of the actual name InStitchu, it’s a name that kind of people remember, no one else across the world had the name so for us it was really important to get that brand name trade marked quickly.

We decided to trade mark the brand quite early on, we were offered advice from a lot of mentors who said if you’ve got something that is unique and something that you think you’re going to keep that it’s really important to get that because as the business grows it becomes quite valuable, it becomes an asset to the business and you want to make sure it’s protected.

It wasn’t too difficult to trade mark our brand. I think in terms of improving the process, I think it would just be great to be able to go online and basically do it yourself in a few easy steps. As a business owner and a growing business it’s all about time efficiency so the quicker the better.

I think Trade Mark Assist will be beneficial to most new business owners and existing business owners. Any sort of efficiency and improvements to those kind of processes will be good for business owners and businesses in the long run.

We’re very excited to have launched in the US, in New York City, and we’re also going to be continuing our expansion across Australia. We’re soon to open our Adelaide store and our Perth store, so very exciting times for the business.