Thanks for joining us today for our October TDS webinar in the room at our end. You've got myself, Josh Burns, Deanna Gray, and Liam right now from our comms team. If you guys can't hear us, please let us know we're using a different laptop today. I might just take us through some general housekeeping as I usually do just the basics around today's session. So we're using GoToWebinar for today's session. It's best you leave any questions to the Q and A standpoint at the end that we have just so we can sort of get through the detail. Today's session should only take about 20 minutes, quite a brief session. And as always the webinar today will be recorded and published on our website following the session. So we'll flick an email out after the session to all the participants and the registered parties with that information. All right, so for today's agenda.

As I said, it's quite brief today. We'll give you guys a general program update. We've got through some of the new features available in the new web experience that is currently in production as a boater. We'll go through what is next in the programs delivery roadmap. We'll have a quick call of our engagement as always, and then we'll get into the question and answer section for any feedback that that people might have or any questions that you guys want to ask us. In terms of a program update, and as most of you guys would probably be aware we've recently delivered in the replacement e-services web experience, a new IP rights renewal experience. So that includes trademarks designs, patents, and in our latest sprint, plant breeders right renewals with a new validation feature, which is quite new in legacy eServices.

That's not a good experience. There's no validation that happens on the numbers that are answered by customers. So that's a good little win there. We've delivered register and create profile in the new experience. Managing correspondence, so a different mechanism for customers to view and manage their correspondence. There's view IP right details enhancements. View filing history, or transactional history type of viewpoint. And a new section that we're calling stay informed. And that'll be basically transactionally focused news that might be important to customers, or it might be sharing corporate bigger item type news, like the COVID extension of time measures, for example, or the recent fee change. That's probably an example of the news that might be shared. The new section hopefully is much more consumable than the platform we currently use today in each services. It's basically a tiled approach that gives quick and easy access to the important news for all customers.

One other thing to mention is we've got a new feedback mechanism within the experience. So I think there's a link in the footer, and also there will be a potential popup during the experience asking you as a customer to review your experience for us into provide us important feedback. Given our approach to delivering this new web experience is an iterative approach. So what that means is we haven't delivered the full functionality intentionally to start with. So the platform currently has been catered for the less sophisticated user. Well, a less sophisticated audience. However, we've had some feedback from our peer professionals about certain features that we aren't currently supporting, but we'll do in the future. Sorry. So that's something to keep in mind in terms of expectations. And as we have mentioned a few times, we are running the new experience in parallel with our legacy e-services experience.

So no transaction types or service request types are not available during this period. And we expect to complete this field sort of by the end of this current financial year, but we'll keep you progressed on how we're going to get on with that. So just on screen now, I'm just sharing, I guess our updated delivery roadmap. And there's not too much to touch on here other than the fact that what you'll see next in terms of delivery features in the new web experience will be new design applications and new trademark applications. Now, again, to keep expectations, I guess, appropriately managed in this space, it's going to be minimal viable product. So the design new application, which is due for delivery in the next three weeks in three weeks time, sorry, will just be a single design application and the functionality won't actually support agents at that point in time.

So if you're submitting on behalf of someone else, it's not going to actually support that customer party functionality at that point. We expect to flesh that out in the three weeks following in our next sprint. So we're looking at six weeks before the functionality and complex new application functionality is delivered. So that includes you multi designs, excluded designs, and the lot. So that is probably a question that would have come up in Q and A, but I just wanted to sort of touch base on that now to manage managing expectations. In saying that I do want even our paid professionals, the larger scale firms, if you guys are interested in the experience, particularly with designs, having a number of known, I guess, technical issues, particularly around representation, upload, that sort of thing. Even just having, having a play around in production and providing us feedback would be great.

We're welcoming constructive feedback or positive feedback, we want to make sure that we're addressing all the gaps that we haven't covered, I guess, in our customer testing. So other than that, I did touch on the fact that trademarks, new applications will be our next phase of delivery. So that is looking to be delivered around Christmas time at this point. And then patents will follow that after Christmas so, there's a fair bit of work for our team development wise. In the meantime, we're doing a lot of testing with real customers that will continue going forward, going forward into quarter three and four. Then we're starting to look at customer amendments. So that's, account amendment in the new web experience space. And then following that, then we'd look at the IP right amendment going forward.

So there's a fair bit on our plate and we're delivering quite quickly. But the feedback mechanism that I talked about allows us to review every sprint through real customer feedback. So we can include constructive feedback in our next development sprint, and then we can deliver enhancements or fixes quite rapidly, as opposed to what didn't happen in e-services where fixes and enhancements took quite some time, three to six months on in fact, or longer or never in some cases. So that should be a good win for us. But we are quite reliant on you guys to provide us feedback through that mechanism.

So we'll go on to the next component of today's session, which is just again a quick poll. So Liam or Deanna, we just launched that poll. I'll give you guys a minute. Once we launch this poll, it should come up in a second. Now this is again, just to, I guess, measure our engagement with customers around the database platform build, and also the e-services replacement build that we just commenced. So again, I'll give you 30 seconds just to fill those basic sort of questions asked. If people are not satisfied or you want to discuss these further, please reach out to us by the email that I'll share at the end of the session, there is a number of customers that we interact with directly. However, we prefer that customers reach out to us outside of these webinar forums, or I'll just close that down.

Thank you again for that. And now we'll move on to probably the most important component of today's session, which is our Q and A. Again, for questions you can either sort of raise your hand ask a question or you can pop a question in the chat individually and we can get back to you. Again, if you prefer not to raise questions here in this forum, there's always our inbox or call, we can arrange that via conference or discussion with your team or your firm or your decision makers. We'd be happy to have that discussion around the website or B2B for that matter. What I will mention just while hopefully some questions come through. We didn't do a demonstration site, but basically because everything is in production. So we do encourage you guys, if you haven't seen the latest features that were delivered in the real space to jump in and have applied with the new web experience, again, just to cover off, I think we covered this in our last webinar.

We haven't actually created a new brand for this transactional platform, this replacement platform. We did that through real customer testing. We realized the IP Australia brand is our strongest corporate brand. And there's no real point creating a side brand for transactions only. Going forward and what you may see soon on your corporate website will be a change to the current online services redirect button. So the login button, so that may change from online services where it takes you directly to an experience now, but that might change to a log into IP Australia popup button going forward. And that will actually, I guess, from a comms perspective, also, we've got Liam in the room here from our strategic comms team. It does future-proof our website, which is planned for replatforming in the next 12 to 18 months or so as well.

So it'll be a more centralized website experience for our IP Australia customers, rather than the current experience of quite a siloed or fragmented approach. We haven't got any questions. So in that case, I'll just give you guys 10 more seconds maybe, but again, I want to reiterate the fact that if you do have a question you don't want to raise in this forum, please reach out to us. We'll bring up our email address here on this slide, which is, or there's some more information on it on our dedicated webpage. That is listed there on that URL. But if you do want to set up a discussion with us, please let us know, we can have a chat to you and your team. It looks like we’ve got a question. So will you release a list of features that are coming for our professionals?

Thanks for that question. So we do plan to, I guess, start looking at some of those more professional segment type features. So an example of that might be giving our paying professionals and ability to download multiple items of correspondence rather than single items of correspondence as we have currently available. So Wendy that's a really good question, and that's something that we do plan to, I guess, start looking at probably early in the new calendar year.

So we've got a lot of work happening in the new application space to that point, but we'll take it down as an action item and I'll send you an email so we can continue that discussion, but the plan will be to give you guys an understanding of what is coming and when. We also, in that new section, I mentioned the stay informed section. We do have a coming soon tile, which will be feature based to give you guys a bit of, I guess, awareness around when features are coming, timeliness of those, and how to get involved in testing. If you want to have some influence in testing those concepts or new new concepts going forward.

Can anyone go on the test websites? Anyone? So again, I would suggest if people want to sort of familiarize them. So in our lower environments or a test environment, we can do that. However, it's a matter of timing it. So at the moment that new designs application isn't currently fully fleshed out in test yet, but that question, Deborah, we can certainly, I'll get in touch with you about when that component will be complete in our test environment. And we can certainly provide access to any interested parties to become familiar with what we're doing. And to again, provide a feedback, even before we go to production. So that is available. That's another major win we've got from our legacy e-services platform, which wasn't accessible externally in a test environment realm.

So we can certainly do that Deborah and we might reach out Deanna to Debra after today's session. And we can talk to you about that a little bit more. Awesome The other thing we might do, and I'm just creating action items here for my team, but we might share some of the customer testing insights on our web page. So people understand or customers understand who haven't been involved in the testing, what we're looking at in our concept testing and validation. And it might help you sort of, I guess, determine whether you're interested going forward in, in participating in some of that testing. So we'll get on and make that an action item for part of our team to share that information. But we'll reach out to you Deborah after today's session. Looks like all the questions we've got.

And so we've only taken 20 minutes, which is really good. So I'm glad to sort of give you some time back. Again please, if you guys do have questions going forward, reach out to us by our inbox, our team can set something up with you to have a chat. But in the meantime, please feel free to have your staff use what's in production and really encourage the use of that feedback mechanisms. So we can optimize the experience for all of our customers. Thanks again, guys, for the time. Our next webinar at this stage will be in December where I'm hoping we might be able to actually demonstrate trademark new applications by that point. Designs should be in production. So that might be a little longer session given that the functionality is a little heavier than renewal. So December we'll get out with some information around the specific date and time in December, but until then, if you've got any questions reach out, but we hope you have a good day and we'll talk soon. Thank you.


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