Last updated: 
1 November 2018

This is the transcript for the video: Understanding Certification Trade Marks for Food - Katy Usic, Glycemic Index Foundation

Katy Usic, Glycemic Index Foundation

Our certification trade mark is for identifying healthier low-GI choices. So we've got a bunch of very important certification rules to ensure that the product's been tested at an international standard for GI determination as well as meeting healthier criteria on nutrient criteria across a number of food categories.

The GI symbol, our certification trade mark, helps identify lower GI choices by meeting, again, strict nutrient criteria as well as being tested by an accredited laboratory that meets an international standard.

So it really is a shortcut to a credible, trusted and authoritative symbol program that's managed by a not-for-profit. You know, we're really for purpose at the end of the day to ensure that consumers, you know have a trusted front of pack labelling program that's in market.

Our advice if you're applying for a certification trade mark is to ensure that you actually get really good advice.

We have an Advisory Committee as part of the work that the foundation does. You need to ensure that you have worked closely with regulators as well. That's been our experience in terms of setting the standard that ensures it meets both local as well as international standards because that'll make the transition into identifying new markets globally far easier.