Last updated: 
10 October 2018

This is the transcript for the video: Understanding Certification Trade Marks for Food - Sean McGuire, Victorian Farmers' Markets Association

Sean McGuire, Victorian Farmers' Markets Association

Victorian Farmers' Markets Association. It's an accreditation scheme that's run for farmers' markets.

Basically, they accredit stall holders and also farmers' markets to sell authentic produce from farmers in Victoria.

The certification trade mark was very attractive to the Victorian Farmers' Markets Association because of ACCC approval. It's all about giving integrity to the term farmers' market. And so the consumers know that when they see that branding as they go through the farmers' market they know that the produce is locally made, and they're buying it direct from the farmer at the stall.

So they can ask questions about the product and how it was made which is a fantastic way for consumers to really understand the process. And keep the money within the local community. It's all about authenticity and giving meaning to the term farmers' market. It doesn't really have a meaning otherwise. But by giving a certification program behind it, then people are going to understand what a farmers' market means. That it's about locally produced produce coming from accredited producers direct from the farmer.

My advice would be to get advice early. Understand the process. It can take a long time. But I think if you speak to the right people for branding, for trade marks, and also legal advice, and have a thorough understanding of the process, it can be quite smooth.