We look at simple things you can do before you develop a new product, how small business people use IP to become big business people and the difference between an Attorney and an Examiner.
We weigh up the cost and benefits of protecting your IP. We also teach you a simple technique for knowing how much your IP is worth and explain the three types of costs for IP protection.
Gavin Lovie, IP Australia’s designs spokesperson, took the opportunity to address how the intellectual property system encourages innovation and offered insights into common problems with design applications.
Ben Mitra-Kahn, Chief Economist at IP Australia, answers the question - How did Australia go in the 2015 Global Innovation Index?
Former Boost Juice General Counsel and Company Secretary Amy Roy shares her experiences and talked with IP Australia about Boost Juice's international intellectual property strategy to protect its valuable brand. The economy may have changed since 2008, but Amy's practical tips still stand strong in today's market. In her presentation Amy discusses 'the importance of a trade mark strategy, types of trade marks, the process, what's involved, what you should do, what you really shouldn't do and
Flexible working environment pilot - a new way of working together. IP Australia has undertaken to flexible working environment pilot as part of its Rights in One (RIO) program. For more information about the pilot please contact communication@ipaustralia.gov.au
Tom Damin talks about how PBR protection is at the centre of his plant breeding operations and field trials.
Source IP is a one-stop-shop for information sharing, licensing preferences and facilitating contact for IP generated by the public research sector in Australia. It is particularly aimed at making it easier for Australian businesses, including small business to access innovation and technology generated by the publicly funded research sector in Australia.
Ben Mitra-Kahn, Chief Economist at IP Australia, provide the top three points for Australian journalists.
Ben Mitra-Kahn, Chief Economist at IP Australia, answers the question - What about the human factor in innovation?