Last updated: 
7 December 2017

Try the Trade Mark Assist beta and tell us what you think.

Trade Mark Assist is an interactive tool designed to educate small business and unrepresented applicants through the initial stages of the trade mark application process. The tool provides educational information specific to your circumstances and suggest relevant goods and services using machine learning algorithms.

Developed in partnership with TrademarkVision, the tool is intended to provide information, reduce complexity and common applicant errors to improve the quality of trade mark applications. Trade Mark Assist is currently in beta as a public test version for you to try while we continue to take on feedback for development.

What do you think?

Your valuable feedback will help us develop and refine Trade Mark Assist. We’re seeking your feedback on:

  • ease of navigation
  • structure of information
  • look and feel of the design.

Please use the feedback feature within the tool to share your ideas for further enhancements.