Discover Australia’s vast history of innovation and delve into intellectual property with curriculum-linked, activity based units.

Our teaching resources are designed to encourage the exploration of intellectual property concepts in the classroom. Each unit has been developed to help boost creativity and innovation among young Australians.

Spanning a range of subjects, these resources contain interactive activities developed in consultation with teachers and subject matter experts. This is your chance to explore the nuts and bolts of the intellectual property system.

Art Exhibition

This unit helps students focus on the characteristics of a particular artist, and to use those characteristics as a trade mark in promoting the work of an artist. The featured artist is Henri Matisse, but teachers can use this approach as a model for exploring any artist that they choose.
Age group: 12-16 Subject: Creative Arts

An Australian inventions timeline

This unit provides a way for students to look at a range of Australian inventions and innovations over time and determine how they have impacted on the development of Australia. Students work on individual assignments but produce an overall timeline, which also critically evaluates the significance and impacts of the invention or innovation studied.
Age group: 12-16 Subject: Social Science