IP and crowdfunding

For some start-ups, crowdfunding can be a source of funding to get an idea off the ground. However, it’s important to protect your idea or product before you make it public.

'Crowdfunding is built upon both creative ideas and community support.'

We sat down with Ash Newland, creator of the Scrubba Wash Bag, and chatted about his experience of crowdfunding and how protecting his IP before going public was a smart decision.

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Source IP

Source IP is an online tool for information sharing, licensing preferences and facilitating contact in relation to IP generated by the public research sector in Australia. We have developed Source IP for research companies, universities and business to commercialise their ideas.

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Job swap boosts industry exposure

The grass may not always be greener, but taking a look at another side can reap rewards. That's what our own Rebecca Martin and Telstra's Carolina Defazio found out when they took part in IP Australia's Industry Placement Program Read more