Patents then, now and beyond

Australian inventions have assisted with everyday activities such as hanging out the clothes to dry on a rotary washing line, keeping food fresh in the fridge, drilling a hole in the wall so you can hang a picture, taking antibiotics to help a throat infection and hearing people laugh if you were born deaf.

So, how has Aussie innovation evolved over the years? We take a look at the emerging trends through the history of patents filed.

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IP - your business edge - issue two out now!

Starting a business or embarking on commercialising your idea can be a daunting task. Check out edition two of our IP - your business edge magazine for what you need to know when you're starting out, to make sure you're protecting your most important assets.

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IP 101: IP basics for business

We know small business owners, inventors and innovators are busy. We also know just one in seven people understand the basics of intellectual property (IP). Many understand IP is important but most are unaware of their options, opportunities and risks.

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