Priority Document Access Service (DAS)

The Priority Document Access Service (DAS) is administered by the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The DAS offers a simple and secure digital alternative to filing paper copies of priority documents with multiple Patent Offices.

Through the service a patent applicant claiming priority can have an electronic certified copy of their original application included in a secure digital library and allow selected participating offices to access the document via the service. This means multiple certified copies are not needed to be provided separately to each Patent Office for where a patent application claiming priority is filed. Participation in the service is voluntary for Patent Offices and for applicants.

How the system works

The Patent Office with which a priority application is first filed is referred to as the Office of First Filing (OFF). To participate in DAS you must request a certified copy of your AU priority document (either a provisional or complete specification) be sent to WIPO's digital library by submitting a completed request form [434 KB]. Following receipt of the request, we will create a certified copy of the priority document and electronically transfer it to WIPO via a secure data exchange. The document will be held by WIPO in a secure database. WIPO will acknowledge receipt of the document by supplying you with a unique access code. Using this access code you can authorise, via a web portal, participating offices to access the priority document(s) deposited.

Where a patent application is filed in Australia relying on foreign priority there is no requirement to provide a certified copy of a foreign priority document unless requested by us. However, if we later request access to the document you will be able to meet this obligation by advising us that the priority document is available from the DAS.  

The use of DAS is not compulsory and the normal processes for the supply of priority documents to the International Bureau still apply. This includes the ability to request the Australian receiving office to supply certified copies of priority documents filed with it to the International Bureau.

Further information on using DAS for PCT applications can be found on the WIPO web site.


The standard fee for creating a certified copy of a priority document will still apply. However, by using this service applicants may not need to order and pay for multiple copies of the one priority document.

We will not be charging any additional fee for sending the priority document to or retrieving the priority document from WIPO's digital library using the Priority Document Access Service.

Further information

You can contact us for more information.

Last Updated: 26/5/2014

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