Types of trade marks

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Sometimes called a brand, your trade mark is your identity - the way you show your customers who you are. It might be:

  • your corporate logo
  • your name
  • painted on the side of your truck
  • on your signage
  • packaging
  • letterhead

While many trade marks are words, logos or slogans, a trade mark can be a:

  • word
  • phrase
  • letter
  • number
  • sound
  • scent
  • shape
  • logo
  • picture
  • aspect of packaging
  • or combination of the above

This section provides information about the different types of trade marks you can apply for. However, these are not as common as a standard application.

  • Certification trade marks - show that a trader's goods or services are certified as meeting particular standards.
  • Series of trade marks - is made of two or more similar trade marks on the same application or registration.
  • Sound trade marks - protect a sound in relation to good or services.
  • Movement trade marks - protect a motion in relation to good or services.
  • Shape trade marks - protect an overall shape in relation to good or services.
  • Colour trade marks - protect a colour in relation to good or services.
  • Scent trade marks - protect a scent in relation to good or services.
  • Trade marks for wine - before choosing a trade mark or designing a label under which wine will be imported, exported or sold on the Australian market, you need to be aware of certain requirements and regulations.
  • Trade marks for plants - if you are registering a trade mark application relating to plants, there are some issues you need to be aware of.

Last Updated: 27/3/2014

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