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IP for Digital Business

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13 December 2018

New Patent Analytics Hub report on Blockchain innovation – trends, innovators and filing hot spots revealed

12 December 2018

From 29 March to 31 May 2018, IP Australia conducted a public consultation on an economic analysis of the estimated impacts of Australia joining the Hague Agreement for designs. We have now published a response to the submissions.

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29 November 2018

IP Australia has released the second edition of IPGOD 2018 and a new data product Intellectual Property Longitudinal Research Data (IPLORD).

Wednesday 6th February at 12:00pm - Wednesday 6th February at 1:00pm

Find out how IP in computing technologies can be protected, as well as other IP management considerations relevant to every tech start-up.

Wednesday 20th February at 12:00pm - Wednesday 20th February at 12:45pm

In this short 45 minute webinar we will give you the tools you need to help you understand the basics of patents, trade marks and designs so you can understand how IP can apply to your business and what your next steps might be.

Wednesday 6th March at 12:00pm - Wednesday 6th March at 1:00pm

Our trade marks webinar explains the basics of trade mark protection, what can and can’t be trade marked and what to consider before you invest in your brand. You will also learn how to register for a trade mark should you decide to apply.

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29 November 2018

We take you through the technical details of the second edition release of IPGOD 2018 and our new data product IPLORD.

10 October 2018

Noel Chambers, CEO of the National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation (NFMRI), explains the value of our latest Patent Analytics Hub report in this guest blog.

26 September 2018

Certification trade marks are a great way to differentiate your products in a crowded market. With the rise in consumer education of products; awareness, choice, origins, gluten free and ethical aspects of food are becoming increasingly important.

Public consultations

As part of our commitment to improving our agency and the Australian intellectual property system, we regularly call for submissions from the public.

You can stay informed about our public consultations here.

We have also published a beta version of a register of issues that IP Australia is considering or working on for policy action or legislative amendment. You can view the register, comment on individual issues or submit new issues.

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