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20 July 2016

Our new intellectual property rights search systems are going to transform the way you search, and they’re just around the corner….

IP Australia Crest
15 July 2016

On 13 July, the New Zealand Parliament’s Commerce Select Committee recommended to the New Zealand Parliament that it should not continue with the Single Application and Examination Processes for patents (SAP and SEP). IP Australia is now awaiting a decision on the recommendation from the New Zealand Government.

12 July 2016

Last year the Full Federal Court clarified principles to be applied to computer implemented business methods and related subject matter. In response, we have updated our patent examination manual and conducted training to provide a more consistent understanding of the law and how it should be applied.

Wednesday 27th July at 9:00am - Wednesday 27th July at 2:00pm

This half day workshop will cover the basic fundamentals required to access and prepare your business for entering global markets.

Wednesday 27th July at 9:00am

So you’ve secured that all-important meeting with a potential overseas buyer, or perhaps you’re participating in a trade mission that will put you in front of senior decision makers. Well done!
But have you considered how you’re going to pitch your product or service to those potential buyers, or get those decision makers to sit up and take notice of your business? Remember, you may only get one shot.

This half-day workshop will equip you with the tools to confidently and effectively pitch for international success.

Thursday 28th July at 11:45am

The Export Council of Australia are pleased to invite you to attend this one-day workshop for companies looking to understand pricing their product/ service for international markets.

Shark Tank
8 July 2016

There was a touch of fairy dust in the air with deals all round for the final episode of season two of Shark Tank Australia last night. Episode 13, the final for the season gave us a way to grow vegies for those without green thumbs, a tool to tighten the screws on workplace safety and a world of furniture at our fingertips.

Shark Tank
1 July 2016

Episode 12 gave us a mixed bag including a building solution who’s IP didn’t quite stack up and an alarming solution to over sleeping. It also showed a head lice prevention which left the sharks scratching their heads and a great way for kids to sink their teeth into cooking.

Man at computer making decision
1 July 2016

Before introducing a new product or process to the market you should ask yourself two things. Can I protect my invention with a patent? Does my invention infringe someone else's patent?

Public consultations

As part of our commitment to improving our agency and the Australian intellectual property system, we regularly call for submissions from the public.

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