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The Australian Intellectual Property (IP) Report 2017 is now available

Today Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy launched our very own flagship publication, the 2017 edition of the Australian Intellectual Property Report.

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22 May 2017

We recently announced that we are improving our customer correspondence across all intellectual property rights. The next phase of our work is the release of a series of new-look Oppositions and Hearings correspondence.

11 May 2017

From 1 July 2017, the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994 (PBR Act) will apply in Norfolk Island. This is in line with the Australian Government’s commitment to implement comprehensive reform in Norfolk Island, providing the people there with the same rights and responsibilities as people in the rest of Australia. 

10 May 2017
Thursday 15th June at 11:00am - Thursday 15th June at 12:00pm

IP Australia will be offering a design workshop via webinar.

Going global online program
9 May 2017

Our friends at the Export Council of Australia (ECA) have developed an online course for businesses looking to start out in the world of international business.

5 May 2017

The month of May marks 30 years since the Plants Varieties Rights Act 1987 (PVR Act) commenced in Australia.

27 April 2017

We’re excited by the changes and improvements to IPGOD, and are continually looking for new ways to add value to the product and improve the end user’s experience.

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As part of our commitment to improving our agency and the Australian intellectual property system, we regularly call for submissions from the public.

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