Protect the value of your ideas

Intellectual property (IP) rights protect your ideas. We administer IP rights for trade marks, patents, designs and plant breeder's rights.


Which IP right do you need?

Learn about the different types of IP you can protect.

Trade marks

Trade marks

If you want to distinguish your goods or services from other businesses', you may need a trade mark.


If you have an inventive device, substance, method or process, you may need a patent.

Design rights

If you want to protect the unique appearance of a product, you may need a design right.
Plant breeder's rights

Plant breeder's rights (PBR)

If you have developed, or are developing a new plant variety, you may need a PBR.


Check if your idea's available

Before applying, search existing IP rights to make sure your idea is new.

Applying for rights overseas? Search the existing registrations in all relevant countries.

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Want to get the most out of your idea?

Once you've registered your IP, it's up to you to manage it and enforce your rights.

Understanding ip

Protect your Indigenous Knowledge

IP rights can legally protect aspects of Indigenous Knowledge and contribute to your product's value.
Indigenous dot painted artwork Indigenous dot paint artwork

News and community

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Trade marks Apply

It’s live! A new, larger list of goods and services for trade marks

26 March 2024 | 1 MIN READ

IP Australia has replaced our list of goods and services for trade mark applications with the internationally recognised Madrid Goods and Services list.

Patents Apply

Introducing our new Australian Patent Search

20 March 2024 | 1 MIN READ

We’ve launched a new Australian Patent Search website and would love your feedback!

man utilises model furniture as inspiration in his furniture engineering activity
Trade marks Patents Design rights Plant breeders rights

Understanding intellectual property and what’s right for you: trade marks, design rights and copyright protection

14 March 2024 | 4 MIN READ

Understanding the differences between trade marks, design rights, and copyright protection is important in determining the best protection strategy for your creations and business.