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17 September 2020

The misuse of Indigenous Knowledge including art, culture, language or adopting a similar style is offensive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. It can undermine cultural practices and affect the economic opportunities available for authentic products.

IP Australia and WIPO
17 September 2020

Join our ‘The Madrid System for Australian users’ webinar on 22 September, or our ‘Understanding Examination and Refusal Procedures in the IP Office of Australia’ webinar on 28 September.

14 September 2020

The Australian Government, and in turn IP Australia is taking this issue seriously, activating necessary precautions in line with our Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

IP Australia and WIPO
Tuesday 22nd September at 5:00pm

Join our webinar to hear experts from IP Australia and WIPO review the common classification of goods and services errors and provide guidance on how you can avoid receiving an irregularity notice.

Patent Examiner recruitment webinar
Wednesday 23rd September at 12:30pm - Wednesday 23rd September at 1:30pm

We are currently hiring Patent Examiners in various technology areas and are hosting a webinar to answer any questions you may have about the roles available.

IP Australia and WIPO
Monday 28th September at 6:00pm

In this webinar, fellows from the Australian IP Office will review the examination process in the Australian Office and the most common reasons for provisional refusals.

Advanced Trade Marks Enforcement webinar

Applying for a trade mark is a great way to give your business a leg up but it’s important to protect it afterwards as well.


In this webinar you'll hear from the team about:


You've got a trade mark, but what if it's being challenged?

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You can also view our Policy Register which contains a list of issues that IP Australia is considering or currently working on for policy action or legislative amendment. We invite you to view the register, comment on issues or submit new issues for us to consider.

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Last updated: 
27 July 2020