How to search existing trade marks

Before you apply, you need to check your idea is new to the Australian market. Use the Australian Trade Mark Search to look up registered and pending trade marks.

Tips for searching trade marks 

You can search by word, phrase, image, owner and classes of goods and services. It's important to cover all bases and search beyond exact matches for your idea. If you need help, get advice from an IP professional.

1. Try different spellings

Consider alternative spelling and words that sound similar (e.g. for the word 'easy', also consider 'eezy', 'ezy' and 'eezee').

2. Search various forms of the word

Use the 'part word' option to cover plurals, suffixes and prefixes in your search (e.g. for the word 'bark', you'll see results for 'barks' and 'barking').

3. Be descriptive

Use descriptive words for images in your logo (e.g. search 'tree' and 'willow', rather than just 'tree').

4. Check the goods and services

If you find a similar trade mark listed under different goods and services, you may still be able to register it.

Search Australian trade marks

Search your trade mark with TM Checker

We've made it easier for you to check if your trade mark is available. 

Our free tool gives you an idea of:

  • If your trade mark can be used in the proposed classes of goods and services
  • How much the application could cost
  • How long the application could take.

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