Timeframes and fees

Registering a trade mark in Australia takes at least seven months and costs a minimum of $250.

Steps to register a trade mark

There are four steps to registering a trade mark:

  1. You submit an application
  2. We examine your application
  3. We accept eligible applications and advertise them
  4. If no-one contests your application, we register it.

From start to finish, the process will take at least seven months. 

  • 1. Application
  • 2. Examination
  • 3. Acceptance
  • 4. Registration

1. Application

There are two ways to apply for a trade mark:

  1. Through our pre-application service (TM Headstart), or
  2. Through our standard application process.

Costs depend on how many classes of goods and services are listed in your application.

How to apply

TM Headstart fees

Registering a trade mark through TM Headstart costs a minimum of $330. This covers submitting your pre-application (step 1), and finalising your application (step 3). If you need to make changes before finalising your application (step 2), this will add to your cost.

Action Fees (per class)
Step 1 - TM Headstart request $200
Step 2 - Change of trade mark representation (optional) $150
Step 2 - Addition of new classes (optional) $200
Step 3 - Conversion to a standard application (Part 2 fee)  $130 

Standard application fees

A standard trade mark application costs a minimum of $250.

Your fees will be lower if you use the picklist. 

The picklist is a searchable list of 60,000+ goods and services categorised into 45 classes. 

Action Fees (per class)
Trade mark application with picklist $250
Trade mark application without picklist $400
Series trade mark application with picklist $400
Series trade mark application without picklist $550

In rare circumstances, you may add new classes of goods and services to your application for an additional fee.

Action Fees (per class)
Trade mark application - additional class $450
Series trade mark application - additional class $600
For example

You're using the standard application service to apply for a trade mark online. You use the picklist to select:

  • 'Hats' under Class 25
  • 'Sunglasses' and 'sunglass cases' under Class 9.

Your total application cost will be $500, as it includes two classes of goods and services with a fee of $250 per class.

Postal application fees

If you can't submit your application online, you can post it to us. Please note, higher fees apply. 

Action Fees (per class)
Trade mark application  $450
Series trade mark application  $600

2. Examination

We examine your application to check it meets the legislative requirements. If it does, it will progress to the 'acceptance' step. If your application doesn't meet the requirements, we'll send you a report explaining the issues. In some cases, you may be able to fix your application.

How to respond to examination reports

Expedited examination

You can 'expedite a trade mark application' through online services, if your application is time sensitive. For example, you have a launch date or there's a case before the court.

Please note, the minimum time between your filing date and registration will still be seven months.

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Expected wait times

Usually, it takes three to four months for us to examine your application from the date you file it. This will depend on the type of application and demand for our services.

Current timeframes for examination (as of 1 February 2023) are detailed below. We update this information monthly.

Application type We're currently examining applications filed in
Domestic October 2022
International (other) October 2022                                 
International (Madrid System) December 2022
Expedited (requested) January 2023                                 
Converted TM Headstart January 2023


Assisted Filing Service  Current approximate waiting time 
TM Headstart requests  3.1 business days 

Refunds and waivers

Under limited circumstances we may issue a refund or waive fees.

Request a refund or waiver

3. Acceptance

If your application passes examination, we'll email your online services inbox to let you know.

Then, we'll advertise your trade mark in the Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks (AOJTM) and the Australian Trade Mark Search for two months. During this time, anyone can oppose your trade mark registration.

How to respond to an opposition

4. Registration

If your trade mark isn't opposed, or you overcome oppositions, we'll register it and update this in the Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks and the Australian Trade Mark Search.

A trade mark registration provides 10 years' protection from the filing date. Once registered, it's your responsibility to manage and maintain your trade mark. There may be costs associated with this. 

Manage my IP

Cost of documents and certificates

You can order photocopies, certified copies, or duplicates of documents through online services.

If you need your documents urgently, we can expedite postage. Please note, this only speeds up the postage time, not our processing time for your request.

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Document request Fee
Copy of 1-3 documents from the same file $50 per document
Copy of 4+ documents from the same file $200
Expedited post $20 per document request


If you want a certificate for display purposes only, you can also order a commemorative certificate from a third party. The cost starts at $80 (+ GST). Commemorative certificates aren't legal documents and don't replace your official certificate.

Order a commemorative certificate