Role of a Qualified Person

A Qualified Person (QP) will assist you throughout the plant breeder's rights (PBR) application process, including certifying your growing trial. 

Who is a QP?

A QP is an expert in a particular plant group. They're accredited by us to certify new PBR applications.

You'll need to nominate someone to act as your QP during submission of part 1 of your application. 

Why do I need a QP?

A QP plays an important role in your application. They can provide advice and guidance throughout, and they will:

  • Supervise the growing trial
  • Verify the claims made
  • Certify the application.

Overall, the role of the QP is to make sure that the growing trial is robust so that your variety can receive strong protection.

What does a QP do?

During the application process, your QP will engage with us to formalise the growing trial arrangement through a pre-trial agreement. Working together, we'll:

  • Determine the most similar varieties of common knowledge
  • Determine if parental material is needed in the growing trial
  • Oversee the growing trial
  • Prepare the description of the variety for part 2 of your application
  • Assist in collecting and collating evidence that shows the new variety is distinct, uniform and stable
  • Certify part 2 of your application.

How do I find a QP?

If you need help finding a QP, you can do a quick and easy search using our online directory.

To pick the best QP for you, consider their:

  • Plant speciality
  • Geographical region.

Find a Qualified Person

If you're an accredited QP, you can nominate yourself to oversee the application.

If you can't find a QP that operates in your geographical region, you can become a Qualified Person.

How do I nominate a QP?

Once you've picked your QP, include the nomination form below in your application part 1 submission.