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Resources to support small businesses, legal practitioners and teachers through their intellectual property (IP) journey.

Educational resources

Before you protect your idea, it's important to understand the IP basics.

  • TM, D, P and PBR in four circles with black outlines

    Types of IP

    There are four types of IP you can register in Australia.

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    IP in everyday life

    Whether it's your favourite brand of milk, the sneakers you wear, the car you drive or the flowers you grow, IP is everywhere.

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Non-disclosure agreements

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA), or confidentiality agreement, is a legal contract used to protect sensitive information that needs to be shared with others.

Trade marks Apply

Upskill on trade marks

Before you apply for a trade mark, it's important to understand what it protects and how it works. Upskill, our free online course, can help you master the basics.  

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Examination manuals

We review each new intellectual property (IP) right application. To help ensure consistency in our approach, our examiners are guided by a manual tailored to each type of IP right.