Corporate Plan 2022-23

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Our Corporate Plan 2022-23 guides us in strengthening our organisational efforts over the next five years. It sets out a strategic path for making our IP system more accessible to all Australians.

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You can download the Corporate plan 2022- 23 in PDF format below.

Director General’s introduction

IP Australia’s vision is to create a world leading IP system that builds prosperity for Australia. We achieve this through the administration and registration of patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights; the professional registration of patent and trade mark attorneys; educating our customers on the role of IP in their business and providing advice to the Australian Government to better shape the IP rights system domestically and internationally.

Intellectual property rights facilitate creativity, innovation, and the diffusion of ideas. To meet our purpose of ensuring that Australians benefit from these great ideas we are committed to continuous improvement, adaptation, and innovation. Meeting these commitments is critical so that our customers have trust in the value of IP, have confidence in our ability to meet their needs, and all Australians are empowered to access and benefit from IP rights ownership.

In support of our vision, purpose, and key activities, we will strengthen and focus our organisational efforts over the next five years across the themes of impact, customer, capability and innovation.

Across the period of this plan, we will continue our work to make the IP system more accessible, including supporting the cultural integrity and economic potential of Indigenous Knowledge held by First Nations people. We look forward to contributing to the Government’s commitment to establish stand-alone legislation to protect First Nations peoples’ traditional knowledge and cultural expressions and recognising them as our nation’s first innovators. Our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan outlines our own commitment as an agency to building stronger relationships with Indigenous communities and gaining a deeper cultural understanding. We are committed to building an inclusive organisation, where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are fully considered within the IP system and the broader community.

Our customers remain at the core of everything we do—our decisions, actions, processes and products. Our Customer Service Charter outlines our commitment to continuously improve and ensure high satisfaction with our services. To deliver this commitment, we will continue to focus on providing customer experience excellence underpinned by contemporary and accessible products and systems; and quality, timely, responsive, and transparent decision making.

Advances in technology continue to accelerate, and the environment in which we operate and seek to influence is continually evolving as a result. As stewards of the IP system, we need to be able to identify and respond to these changes to maximise the benefits derived by Australians when accessing the IP system. To address this challenge, we will create and maintain the right capabilities within our workforce, including empowering our staff to engage with risk, and developing a framework that embeds innovation principles within our everyday work.

As the Accountable Authority for IP Australia, I am pleased to present our Strategic Corporate Plan which covers the period 2022-23 to 2026-27 and is presented as required under paragraph 35(1) of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013.

Signed Michael Schwager

Michael Schwager

Director General, IP Australia