When do we advertise Trade Mark Examiner positions?
Advertising occurs when we need Trade Mark Examiners. If you wish to receive notifications about advertised positions, you can set up a job alert.


Can I apply for the job of a Trade Mark Examiner if I am not an Australian citizen?
You must be an Australian citizen to apply.


Do you have age limits for applicants?
No, Trade Mark Examiners are selected on merit.


How do I apply?
Applications can be made through our online recruitment system Web Recruitment.


Where are interviews conducted?
Interviews are conducted in Canberra.

If you are an interstate applicant who is successful in receiving an interview we can arrange for a video or telephone interview.


How do you assess applicants?

There are several steps in the selection process to ensure the right candidates are chosen for the role of a Trade Mark Examiner.

Step 1: Application

In addressing the selection criteria, applicants will be required to provide information about themselves, their work history and qualifications, and answer a small number of questions to demonstrate their capabilities.

Step 2: Online Testing

Shortlisting will occur based on written application and CV. If shortlisted, applicants will be contacted by email and asked to complete online testing, which includes an aptitude test and a brief written assessment to demonstrate their writing and computer skills.

Step 3: Interview

After further shortlisting, successful applicants will be invited to attend an interview with IP Australia

Step 4: Reference Checks

IP Australia may then need to contact applicants’ nominated referees to discuss their work history using a few brief questions

Step 5: Clearance

If offered the role, applicants will be asked to undertake pre-employment checks relating to things such as health or security clearances.


When do we make an offer to successful applicants?
We make offers to successful applicants shortly after their interview.

We will advise you of your start date if we make you an offer.


Where will I be working?
Positions are in Woden, Canberra.


If I am to relocate to take a job, can you help me relocate?

For successful applicants, we will meet reasonable costs associated with relocating from within Australia.

This may include:

  • travel costs from your current place of residence to take up a position
  • the cost of relocating your dependants, furniture and household effects
  • temporary, short-term accommodation.


How will I be trained?

You and other successful applicants will enter an intensive competency-based training program when starting with us. The training focuses on specific technical and corporate skills and includes examination work under close supervision. As a condition of engagement with IP Australia, you are required to successfully demonstrate competency in all areas necessary in the training program and attain Acceptance Delegation within specified timeframes. If you do not do so you may have failed to meet a condition of engagement and action may be taken to terminate your employment.

We provide new Trade Mark Examiners with the required training and support to complete the requirements needed to perform their roles. 


What is the starting salary?
Trade Mark Examiners start at an APS4 level, which is outlined in our enterprise agreement.


How do achieve salary advancement?

There are opportunities for you to progress through all classifications in the broadband. Should you meet the necessary requirements, you could potentially move through the levels to become an APS6 Trade Mark Examiner in as few as 2 to 3 years.


What are my career prospects as a Trade Mark Examiner?
Positions for Trade Mark Examiners are in the Trade Mark and Design Examiner (APS4-APS6) broadband. Progression through the broadband is determined by many factors, including the successful completion of relevant competency based training programs.

The benefits of being in a broadband structure are that if you meet specified requirements you can advance to the next classification:

  • without waiting for a position to become available
  • without a formal interview process.