Position Title:    Director Audit, Assurance, Attorney Registration & Ministerial 
Classification:    EL2
Position Number:    5428
Tenure:    Ongoing
Duration:    Permanent
Section:    Audit, Assurance, Attorney Registration & Ministerial
Group:    Policy and Governance
Division:    Policy and Corporate
Location:    ACT
Immediate Supervisor:    Assistant General Manager, Policy and Governance Group
Security Classification:    BASELINE

Group Responsibilities

The Policy and Governance Group (PGG) is IP Australia’s lead on government engagement on matters relating to intellectual property (IP). As part of this remit we cover a broad range of areas from domestic legislation to international policy and trade agreements, from attorney registration and internal governance to legal advice, from economic research to patent analytics. As a result of our wide remit, PGG works across the agency, and contributes to all of IP Australia’s strategic goals through innovative projects and our focus on excellence in all of our work

Section Responsibilities

The Audit, Assurance, Attorney Registration and Ministerial (AAARM) section delivers a broad range of governance and assurance functions. These include, audit, risk management, business continuity, fraud control, evaluation, and insurance services.

The section is also responsible for managing IP Australia’s professional registration outcome through its work supporting the functions of the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Board (TTIPAB), the Designated Manager and the Trans-Tasman IP Attorneys Disciplinary Tribunal (the Tribunal).

The team provides the central liaison and coordination for all correspondence to the Minister’s office which is critical to IP Australia’s role in providing advice to Government and maintaining our reputation as the key agency regarding IP policy.

Job Description / Context of the Role

The Director is responsible for leading a team providing a diverse range of governance and administrative functions to support the operations of IP Australia. These include internal audit, risk management, business continuity, ministerial liaison and secretariat support for key governance committees.

A key responsibility of this role is to plan, lead and implement the internal audit function covering a range of assurance and performance audits to ensure IP Australia’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.
This position provides a unique role with opportunity to influence and contribute to strategic outcomes. Working across the agency the position is required to interact regularly with senior executives, external board members and contracted providers.

The diverse functions of the team require the Director to be flexible and be able to manage competing priorities and resources across the team. The Director is responsible for ensuring these functions are delivered in accordance with Government policy and in the context of IP Australia’s Corporate Plan and the Accountable Authorities obligations. The successful candidate will ensure the functions are appropriately resourced to deliver the required outcomes while continuing to adopt innovative practices to keep pace with a rapidly changing environment.

The role requires a good understanding of business operations and the required system of controls for non-corporate Commonwealth entities. It also requires strategic thinking, conceptual reasoning and analytical skills; demonstrated evidence of working smarter with limited resource allocation; having a good eye for detail and effectively prioritising tasks to appropriately to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Job Specific Duties

As Director of this team you will:

  • Lead a section that provides a diverse range of functions requiring oversight and direction of multiple concurrent deliverables.
  • Plan and oversight the implementation of IP Australia’s internal audit program.
  • Ensure audits are delivered in line with objectives identified by the Audit Committee.
  • Work closely with the Independent Chair and members of the Audit Committee to support them in delivering their obligations.
  • Provide advice to ensure the effectiveness of the audit function and implementation of audit findings.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of enterprise risk management frameworks.
  • Develop appropriate fraud control plans in the context of the agency risk profile.
  • Oversee IP Australia’s Business Continuity framework and exercising.
  • Ensure the delivery of effective secretariat services to key governance committees.
  • Build and sustain strong relationships with a broad range of stakeholders
  • Develop, manage and report on the section budget in line with IP Australia business planning and risk performance reporting framework.
  • Work closely with the Executive to support them in their obligations to ensure IP Australia has in place an appropriate system of risk oversight.
  • Demonstrate attitudes and behaviours responsive to workplace change (including participating in and encouraging others to participate in change and contribute to successful outcomes)
  • Establish clear expectations and create an environment to achieve stated goals and objectives, take ownership and honour commitments
  • Maintain an understanding of your/worker responsibilities under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and a commitment to promoting a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Demonstrate attitudes and behaviours responsive to workplace change (including participates in and encourages others to participate in change and contribute to successful outcomes)
  • Establish clear expectations and creates an environment to achieve stated goals and objectives, takes ownership and honours commitments
  • Maintain an understanding of their/worker responsibilities under the Work Health & Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) and a commitment to promoting a healthy and safe workplace.

Job Specific Capabilities

To successfully undertake the duties of this role, candidates should possess the following capabilities:

  • Builds organisational capability and responsiveness
  • Engaging with staff, peers and executive to solve complex problems.
  • Supporting personnel to adapt and be flexible to changes in priority or operating circumstances
  • High level written and oral communication skills.
  • Drive a culture of engaging with risk to improve organisational performance.
  • Develop innovative solutions to overcome problems to ensure successful implementation of projects and initiatives
  • Contribute to the strategic direction of PGG and IP Australia.
  • Prioritise and collaborate across the organisation to achieve outcomes against challenging timeframes
  • Build and maintain both internal and external relationships to support the delivery of outcomes. Stakeholders may include external vendors, independent board members and other business areas within IP Australia.

Eligibility Qualifications / Knowledge Required

The following education, qualifications or experience will be highly regarded. 

  • Extensive workplace experience in government internal audit and risk management.
  • Qualifications in Risk Management.
  • Membership of the Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Business Continuity Certification (CBCI)
  • Qualifications for fraud investigation as required under the Commonwealth’s Fraud Control Framework. 

Candidates must hold a baseline or above security clearance, or have the ability attain baseline security clearance.

Application Requirements

To apply for this position, candidates are asked to:

  • Frame their responses around the job specific duties and job specific capabilities of the role (as set out in this job documentation), and provide:
  1. An explanation of how their skills, knowledge and experience will be relevant to this role (limited response of no more than 1000 words)
  2. Details of no more than two (2) professional achievements, within the last 5 years, that demonstrate their suitability for this role (limited response of no more than 1000 words)
  • Provide a current CV detailing recent employment history which is relevant to the advertised position
  • Provide the name and contact details of two referees

Applications must be submitted through the IP Australia Web Recruitment system (ESS).

Please note: you MUST be an Australian Citizen to be engaged in the APS and to meet IP Australia’s security clearance requirements.

Contact Officer

For further information pertaining to this job please contact Janine Brown on 02 62832536

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Working in IP Australia

Australia’s Intellectual property (IP) rights system supports innovation, investment and international competitiveness. IP Australia administers Australia’s IP rights system, specifically patents, trade marks, designs and plant breeder’s rights. IP Australia also undertakes programs to educate and promote an awareness of intellectual property (IP), provides IP policy input to Government, develops legislation to support the IP system and contributes to bilateral and multilateral negotiations to improve IP protection internationally.

IP Australia strives to deliver robust IP rights efficiently, satisfy our customers in terms of timeliness and value for money and be recognised as one of the leading IP offices in the world for the quality (including accuracy and consistency) of the IP rights we grant. IP Australia is committed to external certification of our Quality Management System which involves applying ISO 9001:2008 to key business processes and to environmental management through ISO14001 certification within the agency.

All IP Australia staff contribute to the achievement of organisational outcomes and the overall management of IP Australia by assisting, as appropriate, the Commissioner of Patents and the Registrars of Trade Marks and Designs and Plant Breeder’s Rights, and their deputies (where relevant), to perform statutory functions, and where appropriate, exercise relevant delegations.

IP Australia recognises the importance of employees balancing their work and personal lives by offering staff access to an ongoing series of health and wellbeing programs, flexible work-life policies and a range of professional development programs. IP Australia is a breastfeeding friendly workplace.

The IP Australia office in Canberra provides high quality accommodation and facilities. These include: an on-site café, conference, meeting and training rooms; limited on-site parking for cars and motor cycles available on a rotational basis; the provision of undercover bicycle racks; excellent shower/change facilities for staff choosing to walk or ride to work; and the advantage of all staff being co-located in the one building.

Please note: All IP Australia positions are subject to an ENTRY ONLY pre-employment check unless a higher security clearance has been identified. Other pre-employment checks may also apply.


Job documentation updated and endorsed for use: 
Tuesday, July 9, 2019