General Manager & Chief Economist

PhD. Economics, M.Sc., Development Economics

Ben was attending a conference in his capacity as Economic Advisor with the United Kingdom Government's Intellectual Property Office when he received an email asking if he could recommend someone for the role of Chief Economist at IP Australia. The last line of the email read, 'only Australian citizens need apply'.

Not being Australian, Ben contacted the sender and explained that he didn't know any Australian economists with IP experience and was told that Australian citizenship wasn't a binding requirement for the right candidate. This started him thinking: 'I could do with a climate change!'

Ben moved to Canberra in mid-2012 to take up the position and confidently states that he made the right decision.

‘Australia is in a unique position because its intellectual property (IP) system is first class. It is the only country with such a diverse make up and the capacity to look for answers to the big economic IP questions. he explains.

‘If you are interested in policy, IP Australia is a very dynamic and interesting place to work. We all work very hard here but it comes in waves. It’s never monotonous. I could be working on detailed, in-depth, time sensitive issues one week and then looking at the broader global perspective the following week.’