Director of Financial Services 

Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA), Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)

‘In 2003, my original plan was to stay at IP Australia for a few years to get some public sector experience and then move on, but each time I’ve started to think about moving, I’ve been challenged with new roles and opportunities internally which has kept the job interesting,’ Kieran says.

Kieran did his CPA while working at IP Australia and now, as Director of Financial Services, is internationally recognised for his work on income projections and financial forecasting.

‘Without a doubt my most interesting and challenging projects have been undertaking fee reviews for IP Australia. As a cost-recovery agency, I’ve been responsible for forecasting our projected income and expenses. This has necessitated detailed discussions with senior people in every area of the agency and liaison and correspondence with customers, external stakeholders and colleagues from the Department of Finance and the Minister’s office.’

‘IP Australia really is a very friendly place to work and there is a lot of support and opportunity. Also, I like the fact that it's quite cosmopolitan; close to shops, clubs, pool, gyms and plenty of places to eat,’ he adds.