Last updated: 
20 November 2018

We use research to continually improve the way we deliver services to customers. We also analyse and share data to help shape policy, research and commercialisation.

In addition to providing economic advice, our Office of the Chief Economist maintains complete, publicly available IP data sets that offer key insights into the Australian IP system and conduct a number of research projects.

Key research and data initiatives at IP Australia include:

  • The Australian IP Report: a comprehensive annual report providing statistics and analysis on the economics of IP in Australia.
  • IP Government Open Data: a complete, publicly available and free national IP register that links IP rights to business numbers in a simple data format.
  • Our economic research program: research that evaluates the economic impact of various components of the IP system, in order to assist evidence-based policy decisions within IP Australia and other Commonwealth agencies.
  • Our customer research that helps us continually improve our service offerings