In today's economy, a well-functioning Intellectual Property (IP) system can encourage innovation and the flow of ideas across borders. The Office of the Chief Economist was established in 2012 to better understand the role IP plays in our economy and influence policy debate on IP and innovation in Australia.

We provide valuable insights through our research to academics, business and policy makers. The Australian Intellectual Property Report is one way we do this. The report provides comprehensive data on use of the system, narrative on where Australia sits globally and how we measure up against other countries.

Some of our initiatives include:

Australian IP Report

The IP Report is comprehensive annual report providing accessible statistics and analysis on the economics of IP in Australia.

Research program

A research program that seeks to advance the knowledge and evidence, based upon which IP policy is built.

IP Government Open Data

The first complete and open national IP register is now publicly and freely available that links IP rights to business numbers in a simple data format.  With its release, over 100 years of records held by us are now publicly and freely available.

The data includes information about IP rights applications that can be matched to individual firms along with information about their size, technology and geographic location.

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