11 December 2017

Our office will be closing for Christmas from 5 pm Friday 22 December 2017, reopening on Tuesday 2 January 2018.

WIPO building
28 November 2017

The recently launched World Intellectual Property Report 2017 focuses on intangible capital (including intellectual property) in global value chains.

16 November 2017

In partnership with Swinburne University of Technology and the University of Melbourne, IP Australia has developed a single, internationally-linked

15 November 2017

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been awarded a 2017 Prime Minister’s Silver Award for Excellence in Public Sector Management for our sustainable, innovative approaches demonstrated through the Australian Trade Mark Search system.


8 December 2017

“Software is eating itself”, that was the theme of StartCon 2017.

Marilyn Monroe with billowing skirt; Pablo Picasso in front of cubist painting; Sia with face concealing wig
29 November 2017

There’s no shortage of famous personalities who are strongly associated with iconic styles, moments or items which have come to define their personal brands. But despite the inherent value of these signature aspects, can they be protected as registered trade marks?

Written by guest blogger Natalie Chapman, Managing Director at gemaker
20 November 2017

Natalie Chapman, Managing Director of commercialisation consultancy, gemaker, shares her insights in this guest blog.

Alexander Worsfold's WW1 stretcher
10 November 2017

As the nation prepares for Remembrance Day, where we will pause to reflect on those who have suffered or died in wars and conflict


Wednesday 13th December at 12:00pm - Wednesday 13th December at 1:00pm

Join us for an introductory designs workshop via webinar. At 12:00pm on Wednesday 13 December 2017

Wednesday 7th February at 12:00pm - Wednesday 7th February at 1:00pm

Join us for an introductory IP workshop via webinar. At 12:00pm on Wednesday 7 February 2018.

Tuesday 27th February at 12:00pm - Tuesday 27th February at 1:00pm

Join us for an introduction to trade mark webinar at 12:00pm on Tuesday 27 February 2018

Wednesday 7th March at 12:00pm - Wednesday 7th March at 1:00pm

Join us for an introduction patent webinar at 12:00pm on Wednesday 7 March 2018

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Case studies

The top three pieces of advice ex-Navy diver turned innovator Tim Lyons would give aspiring entrepreneurs on intellectual property (IP) would be: g

Pictured: innovators and former University of NSW (UNSW) graduates, Julian Chow and Alfred Boyadgis with their smart helmet system the Alpine F

It may feel like you’re traversing a minefield in cross country skis when you go to register your trade mark but it really shouldn’t be a difficult

IP Australia design examiner Joe

Design examiners are often the first point of contact for many of the most ingenious innovations originating in Australia.

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