Saturday night saw many of Australia’s brightest developers and digital creatives walk the red carpet with hopes of winning a GovHack bounty.

First and foremost, we were there as the lead government sponsor, keen to recognise all of hackers, organisers and sponsors who make GovHack possible. Now in its sixth year, the competition brings together over 1000 geeks, digital creatives, data analysts, story tellers, developers, entrepreneurs and civic society enthusiasts to work together to ideate and communicate using open government data, in particular our data.

This year Team Avinium took out two prizes by using our IPGOD, the IP rights bounty and the Entrepreneurial Hack. They also placed in the International Prize: Machine Learning Hack and the Data Intelligence Hack. Team Avinium’s IPGODMODE uses machine learning analytics to estimate, for any pending patent application, when a decision on that application will be made. IPGODMODE also lets an applicant/agent view their patent portfolio in 3D/virtual reality as a 'spider web' of nodes and connections.

Now to our slightly sneaky agenda. We took the opportunity of the red carpet awards to have Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Craig Laundy launch our new web app, IP NOVA. A success story of GovHack 2015, IP NOVA was co-developed with the young, Australian big-data firm Servian. In a world-first, the web-based tool can help entrepreneurs, students, researchers and policy makers explore and analyse over a 100 years of Australia’s intellectual property data.

Mr Laundy highlighted IP NOVA as a practical example of the government’s open data policy and the value of public-private collaborations in creating valuable new assets that benefit all Australians. 'Australia’s capacity to remain competitive in the digital economy depends upon our ability to harness the value of our public data,' Mr Laundy said.

To see what IP NOVA is capable of, see

For a full list of the GovHack bounties and who won what, see

GovHack Red Carpet Awards

Nick Fisher, Alica Daly, Allyssa Sabbatucci, Luke Meehan

GovHack Red Carpet Awards

Alicia Daly, Jen Simpson, Deb Anton, Trent Rawlings, Assistant Minister Craig Laundy, Allyssa Sabbatucci

GovHack Red Carpet Awards

Alica Daly, Jen Simpson, Deb Anton, Trent Rawlings, Assistant Minister Craig Laundy, Allyssa Sabbatucci
25 October 2016