One of our favourite resources, the Intellectual Property Government Open Data (IPGOD), has just had its latest update. IPGOD already includes over 100 years of highly detailed intellectual property (IP) rights data, and it now has a number of improvements to make it even more useful.

Our Patent Analytics Hub has taken name matching a step further for Australia’s research organisations. The Hub has drawn on work undertaken in their research reports to generate a new ‘Research Organisation ID’ (RO_ID) that represent an organisation more accurately than the existing IPA_ID for these applicants.

For example, Australian Sheep Industry Cooperative Research Centre has two IPA_IDs generated through our data science process. Our internal team has assigned one RO_ID to these two IPA_IDs to inform our customers that these are in fact one applicant, not two. To save end users some time, we will be publishing a table of the mapping between current IPA_IDs with RO_IDs.

We have also updated the Data Dictionary to reflect the changes to IPGOD 2017. We hope that in the process of highlighting this information we also encourage end users, such as yourselves, to contribute to the table and share knowledge on known data issues. We can then use your contributions as a guide to future IPGOD improvements.

We’re excited by the changes and improvements to IPGOD, and are continually looking for new ways to add value to the product and improve the end user’s experience. Check out the updates now.

27 April 2017