When expanding to China many businesses assume that their English brand name will automatically have the same appeal in China, but this is not always the case. Names hold deep significance in China and the importance of your Chinese brand name cannot be understated. It is important to think about how your brand will be seen in China and consider a Chinese name or transliteration for your brand at an early stage. 

It’s important your brand appeals to Chinese consumers. A direct, phonetic translation of your company name into Chinese may sound clumsy and the meaning may not relate to your product.  If consumers don’t like the sound or impression of your brand they may refer to it by an alternate name, and someone could register this name to block your marketing and business in China. You may want to consider using a Chinese brand specialist to help you choose a Chinese name that translates the message you want to express rather than just translating your English brand name directly.

Unlike Australia, China has a first to file trade mark system. This means that you have no rights to your trade mark in China until you register it, so you need to file your English and Chinese language trade mark as early as possible.

Take a look at our Penfolds case study to find why it is so important to register your Chinese brand name early. 

30 May 2018