4 September 2020

The results are in…. 

Each year we invite our customers to participate in IP Australia’s Customer Satisfaction Survey. 

This survey is a key pillar of IP Australia’s performance framework and an important opportunity for us to gauge customers’ opinions and seek feedback on their experiences with us.    

This year, the survey was held between May and June and was offered to over 31,000 active customers representing self-filers, IP professionals and Australian businesses. We received 2,371 responses which provides an overall response rate of around 8% (similar to 2019). 

Key Findings 

In general, feedback from our customers demonstrated an overall improvement of their satisfaction with our products and services: 

  • Overall satisfaction with IP Australia has improved: 87 percent in 2020 (82 percent in 2019) 

  • Ease of making contact with the agency: 93 percent in 2020 (87 percent in 2019) 

  • Application processing speed from start to finish: 80 percent in 2020 (73 percent In 2019) 

We value the contribution of everyone who was able to participate in this process and thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback.  

Whilst we welcome this level of satisfaction against our performance, the results from the survey also indicate that there are opportunities for us to improve. Work has already begun to explore how we can implement this feedback to provide the best possible service to you. 

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