Australian Trade Mark Search
28 May 2021

Under the Trade Marks Act 1995, the Registrar is required to advertise the outcomes, actions and status points of applications. These advertisements currently take place in the Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks via a daily publication of a PDF version of the Official Journal of Trade Marks, available on the IP Australia website.

Noting that all relevant information is published and searchable via the Australian Trade Mark Search (ATMS) database, we have decided to cease producing the daily PDF copy of the Official Journal. The ATMS database will function as the Official Journal. ATMS has a greater capacity to provide more information via different search functions and with the inclusion of a new 'Notices' section contains all of the information that is provided in the current PDF form of the Australian Official Journal of Trade Marks.

The last PDF journal will be published on 08 June 2021. Previously published Journals will remain available for download via ATMS.