Image of ship transporting shipping containers in ocean
30 June 2021

Restrictive trade measures are increasing across G20 countries. Growing and diversifying Australia’s exports is crucial to ensuring our future as a result.

Our latest research shows how Australian manufacturers use IP. In particular, how they diversify exports, navigate trade barriers and seize market opportunities.

The study shows that trade mark activity is linked to export growth:

  • After filing trade marks in an export market, businesses are 3 times more likely to enter that market.
  • Long-term exporters will earn around 30% more export revenue.

After filing trade marks in export markets, businesses also become more resilient to exchange rate fluctuations, and will expand their exports more in response to tariff reductions.

The study uses TM-LINK, our international database of trade marks and shows how trade mark data can:

  • improve economic models of international trade
  • inform government advice to exporters
  • target export assistance.

A snapshot of the findings is now available to download, as is the full economic research report

Where to from here?

Our website offers practical guidance to help businesses take their IP global.

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