14 December 2021

A key force propelling the economy forward is the exponential growth achieved by small businesses. This first of its kind report finds small to medium enterprises (SMEs) that own IP rights are up to 2 times more likely to achieve high growth. 

SMEs that own IP rights are on average 3.5 times larger than their peers with no IP rights, and in fact, SMEs that file for at least one IP right in a given year are 10% more likely to experience a period of high turnover growth.

Our latest research is an essential tool for policy makers and investors, as it breaks down the relationship between SMEs’ IP activity and the potential to achieve high growth in employment and turnover.

The report highlights the role of IP rights for SMEs in attracting financing, securing a market position and capturing value from investment in intangible assets. The results also highlight the importance of small businesses identifying the intangible assets they own and different protections they need to find a competitive edge.

Read the full report and see what the finding mean for your business.

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