21 October 2020

Protecting intellectual property (IP) assets before you enter new markets can strengthen your business' competitive advantage and significantly reduce the risk of IP breaches.

To better understand the risks that businesses face, the Export Council of Australia reached out to Australian exporters about their experience with enforcing their brands, inventions, and designs in Asia. 125 survey responses and 16 case studies from Australians operating in or trading with South East Asian countries and China showed 48 per cent did not engage with government services to access information on IP. They also found most exporters surveyed did not register their IP before going overseas.

The study into the experience of Australian firms enforcing their IP rights in Asia, run by the Export Council of Australia, was done on behalf of IP Australia and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

A snapshot of the findings and recommendations is now also available to download.

Where to from here?

We are working with export assistance services to help potential exporters consider and make choices about their IP early as part of their business development and commercial strategy.

Are you interested in collaborating to get IP messages to exporters? Reach us via our Contact Us form and mark to the attention of Policy and International Affairs.

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