Changes to International Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) fees

6 March 2015

The Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) is an international treaty, administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that provides a unified and simple patent application system for the filing of patents in multiple countries.

Filing a single international application under the PCT gives your application automatic effect in 148 countries and allows you further time to decide whether you want to pursue patent protection, and in which countries.

A decision was recently made by the PCT to change the international application fees. Changes will take effect 1 April 2015, and include changes to International PCT Fees and International Preliminary Examination fees:

International PCT Fees

  1. Transmittal Fee: $200
  2. International Search Fee: $2200
  3. International Filing Fee: $1848
    If the application contains 30 Pages or less including the request form
    Electronic filings filed in PDF format via PCT-SAFE and ePCT: $278

    Electronic filings filed in XML format via PCT-SAFE and ePCT: $417
    For each page in the application in excess of 30 Sheets: $21
  4. Cost of Preparing Certified Copy of Priority Document: $100 per document
  5. Copies of cited documents in the International Search Report: $50 per copy

International Preliminary Examination Fees

  1. International Preliminary Examination Fee
    If the International Search was performed by IP Australia $590
    If the International search was not conducted by IP Australia $820
  2. International Preliminary Handling Fee: $278
    Total If Search performed by IP Australia: $868
    Total if Search not performed by IP Australia: $1098

For more information on the fee changes, take a look at the Official notice and see our patent fees page for details. You can also email:

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If you would like more information about the PCT visit the WIPO website and view the PCT Applicant's Guide.