16 March 2022


From 1 July 2022 all new patent applications which include nucleotide and/or amino acid sequence listings must include the sequence listing in the WIPO Standard ST.26 file format. This applies to Australian national patent applications as well as international PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) applications.  

The full description and definition of WIPO Standard ST.26 is available on the WIPO website. The standard applies to all patent applications which include sequence listings of: 

  • any nucleic acid sequences (DNA, RNA) having ten or more fully defined residues, and 
  • any peptide (including cyclic peptides) sequences having four or more fully defined residues. 

This new standard will supersede the current WIPO Standard ST.25

The changes will enable you to draw up a single sequence listing in a patent application that is acceptable at national, regional and international levels. It also allows for easier exchange and searching of patent data globally.  

How to prepare a WIPO Standard ST.26 compliant sequence listing

To help patent applicants and filers comply with WIPO Standard ST.26, WIPO has made available the WIPO Sequence tool.  If you are currently working on or plan to submit an application that contains sequence listings, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the tool.

XML sequence files generated using WIPO Sequence software will be compliant with WIPO ST.26.


Frequently Asked Questions 

To help you in your preparation for the WIPO Standard ST.26 implementation, we have put together a list of the frequently asked questions to assist.


Support of WIPO sequence users 

Use the WIPO knowledge base to find the latest information on the WIPO Sequence desktop tool and WIPO Standard ST.26. Users of WIPO Sequence are also encouraged to join the WIPO subscription list, where details regarding all upcoming releases and other important announcements will be provided. Users can subscribe by completing this online form


Preparing for the changes 

All patent applicants and attorneys are advised to prepare for the changes ahead of 1 July 2022.early. If this applies to you, we strongly encourage you to familiarise yourself with using WIPO Sequence ahead of 1 July 2022. For any feedback, contact us.


WIPO have put together various training webinars that may assist patent applicants and filers in relation to WIPO Standard ST.26, including on authoring using WIPO Sequence: 

Read about WIPO Sequence, an ST.26 authoring tool.

WIPO ST.26: Introduction 

WIPO ST.26: Advanced Training  

WIPO Sequence 

WIPO Sequence Download