3 September 2019

Building on recent reviews of the registered designs system in Australia, IP Australia has begun a holistic review of the design ecosystem: The Designs Review Project. We want to better understand what drives design innovation and what changes may be needed to realise greater benefits to the Australian economy.

We are currently asking stakeholders to help us better understand their experiences and insights into the design ecosystem in Australia. We want to know what your design motivations, needs and challenges are. 

We are also looking at the design experiences of other countries as well as the relationship between design innovation and economic growth, and the role of intellectual property in the broader designs industry.

The findings from this research will be published in March 2020. They will form an evidence base to explore solutions and pathways to better promote and support Australian design innovation and commercialisation.

Your opinions matter

To find out more and have your say please visit the Designs Review Project webpage.