20 February 2018

The patent process from application to grant can often be an uncertain and daunting journey. For first time applicants engaging an attorney can greatly increase the chances of success. That’s why we've developed the Engaging an attorney toolkit.

In April 2016 we undertook a substantial research project around engaging and influencing start-ups and small business. Amongst other key findings, this research identified knowledge and resource gaps in the area of how, when and why a business would engage an IP attorney.

We used this research as the basis of our new Engaging an attorney toolkit, allowing us to explore the experience of the IP attorney profession when working with first time IP owners.  This helped us identify the common barriers for these IP owners when thinking about patent protection.

We worked closely with a small working group of attorneys in order to create this toolkit. This included a series of face-to-face interviews about pain points, myths and knowledge gaps from their perspective.

The Engaging an attorney toolkit itself aims to equip small and early stage business with the tools they need to have more informed conversations with the attorney profession. It also dispels myths and demystifies the costs of IP protection.

Some features in the toolkit include:

There are also case studies and plenty of other ‘how to tips’ as well as a glossary to help navigate the sometimes complex legal language.