10 November 2020

We are improving the experience for our customers filing new design right applications. These improvements are being delivered as part of the upgrade of our online services platform – we are replacing our existing platform with a more modern, efficient digital experience to better meet your needs.

The improvements to our design filing process will be rolled out in a staged manner. This means that in the coming weeks our designs customers will start to see changes when applying for a new design application via our new platform.

Initial improvements will include:

  • single design applications
  • a new drag and drop function for uploading representations.

These initial improvements are focussed on self-filers and will not yet support filings made by a representative or agent. If you are applying with or on behalf of someone else or applying for more than one design/product in the same application, you will need to use eServices.

In the coming months, the design application process will be enhanced with further capabilities including:

  • multiple design applications
  • agent/representatives can file applications on behalf of applicants
  • excluded, further and common design applications.

We are committed to putting customers at the centre of these improvements. You can use the feedback tool within the platform to help us further optimise the filing experience for our design customers.

To access this enhanced experience, you will need to use our new online services platform. You can access the new platform using your existing eServices log in details.

To stay informed on upcoming improvements and releases, visit the Stay Informed page within the new platform or email the project team to keep up to date on the upgrade of our online services platform.