18 January 2022

We are launching the ‘beta’ of the new IP Australia website and we want your feedback on this new experience.

From today, you will have the option to view the beta of our new website by clicking on the link in the banner that appears when you visit any of our webpages. You can easily navigate between the beta website and the current IP Australia website using the link in the banner.

Our website is often the first interaction our customers have with us, so we understand the importance of being able to access the information you need, quickly and easily. Using insights from our current website, the beta of our new website features content that is limited to the top 25 webpages.

Taking a customer centred approach we have transformed our digital services. Our beta website features easy to understand content, user friendly navigation and accessible resources such as tips to apply for and manage your IP right applications.

Your feedback is critical to help us deliver an intuitive and seamless experience for our customers. View the beta of our new website and have your say via the feedback form in the banner at the top of the page. All feedback will be collected anonymously to help us optimise the customer experience.

What’s new?

The beta of the new website features our top 25 webpages. New features include:

  • A refreshed home page featuring easy navigation and access to resources.
  • User friendly language and content.
  • Tools to help you manage your IP right applications.
  • A feedback form to capture insights from our customers.

What’s next?

Over the next six months, we will work on transferring content from the current website to the beta of our new website and focus on gradual improvements before going live with the final version.

We will continue to incorporate your feedback as we continue to build our new website. In the meantime, to keep updated on our new website sign up to our monthly newsletter, What’s New.

If you are interested in participating in future customer testing activities, please get in contact with IP Australia’s CVP team at