Person watering a vegetable garden
12 July 2021

Are you thinking about importing plant varieties from overseas? Do you want to expand and commercialise overseas? Or do you just want to learn more about protecting your new variety? We have some great advice for you.

We recently spoke to 2 farmers who shared their insights and experiences applying for plant breeder’s rights (PBR).

The first, fifth-generation apple grower Allan McLean, shares his experience protecting his apple variety in Australia and overseas. He also offers his top tips for future PBR applicants. Hear from Allan McLean on his apple variety, Crimson Snow®.

The second, Victorian farmer and Managing Director of Berry Sensation® Barry Richards, explains how he has built his company off the unique strawberry varieties he imports from overseas and provides application advice to other fruit growers. Hear from Barry Richards on his strawberry varieties.

Some tips to remember:
  • Before you apply for a PBR, find out if your new plant variety meets the criteria.
  • It helps to do a search to make sure your new plant variety is not already registered.
  • You will need to nominate a Qualified Person to complete parts of your application.