27 August 2019

The aim of the consultation was to identify ways that can help to promote the cultural integrity and economic potential of Indigenous Knowledge. Our consultation process included seven roundtables in urban, regional and remote locations, written submissions and an online survey, allowing us to get feedback from over 150 stakeholders. The Consultation Report is a summary of the views, concerns and options that we heard through the consultations.

Pulling together stakeholder views for the Consultation Report highlighted four key themes:

Control –  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people want to be able to control who uses Indigenous Knowledge and how it is used.

Protection – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are seeking measure that can be used to stop unauthorised use of Indigenous Knowledge and impose sanctions against misappropriation.

Recognition – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people want to be recognised as the owners of their Indigenous Knowledge.

Respect – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people want their ownership of Indigenous Knowledge and the cultural protocols associated with it to be respected.

IP Australia is highly appreciative for all those who took the time to meet with us, provide a written submission or respond to our online survey. The experiences and concerns shared with us are shaping how we continue the project.

Increasing public awareness of issues surrounding Indigenous Knowledge and its use was strongly supported by stakeholders. To help with this, IP Australia will be engaging in greater education and awareness about the significance of Indigenous Knowledge and the importance of taking steps to prevent misappropriation or misuse.  

Further information about our consultation process can be found on our Indigenous Knowledge Consultations page.