1 November 2019

IP Australia is pleased to announce the extension of its digital library in the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)'s Digital Access Service (DAS) to trade marks and designs as of 1 November 2019.

Extending the DAS supports IP Australia’s offering for a modern, customer-centric service experience through digitally enabled services.

The DAS is an electronic digital library service, administered by WIPO, to facilitate the secure exchange of priority documents between intellectual property offices (IPOs). Previously, applicants had to request certified paper copies of documents from an initial IPO and then file those documents with other IPOs. The DAS simplifies this process by providing an electronic system for applicants to request that their priority documents are made available on WIPO's digital library. Applicants can then ask other IPOs to retrieve their documents for any future applications.

DAS reduces the cost for applicants as they only need to request one copy of the priority document which can be accessed by IPOs.

IP Australia is both a depositing and receiving Office for DAS which supports both applicants and IPOs accessing digital copies of priority documents.

To learn more about IP Australia’s offering of WIPO DAS for Trade Marks and Designs, please visit the WIPO DAS web page. 

For more information about the WIPO DAS, please visit WIPO's website.